Our Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Employees

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning EmployeesAbout Spaces’ Hiring Process &  Cleaning Service Employees

Clean Your Spaces’ hiring process is no simple task—we look for employees who we would be proud to send out to represent us. Because the majority of who our clients interact with are our cleaners, we hold the following standards:

All employees must be uninformed and professional looking. (Especially for our business clients: they’re not only representing us but representing you to your clients and guests.)

All of our employees must be able to speak and write in English, although many are bilingual. (This way you can communicate with them directly if you so choose, no matter what languages you speak.)

We hire veterans! (Many service members have a hard time finding steady work when returning home, but the benefits for us and our clients is endless.)

They check in with our office through a computer-generated time clock to make sure a cleaning is never missed, late or cut short. (This way we’re in contact with them, even if your account manager isn’t on site.)

They file reports with photos before and after every cleaning directly to our office. (Transparency and accountability are everything!)

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