Bed Bug Treatment and Extermination

Bed Bug Treatment and Extermination

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!!

While they aren’t invisible, bed bugs are often overlooked and go undiscovered until they have reached major infestation numbers.  These tiny parasites can ruin more than just your beds and your sanity, they can also potentially cost you thousands of dollars if they infiltrate an office or place of business.  Here’s how you can fight back before they bite you and your wallet.

Get on the Offensive

Even though bed bugs are known for spreading in your bed, they can also make their home in various cracks and crevices of your shop or office as they feed on human blood.  The best way to stop them is to prevent them from walking through the door altogether.  This means being smart about where you travel, the hotels you book, or any used furniture you are considering on buying.  Bed bugs aren’t always found in dirty hotels and apartments, but that will be your first red flag that the owners are probably not washing their bedding or upholstery on a regular basis. If you don’t have a commercial cleaning company cleaning your workspace already, you should hire one. Regular cleanings ensure that bed bug levels will never reach an infestation level. The best cleaning companies have staff that will inspect for bed bugs and report their findings so that you can begin treatment.

Treating Bed Bugs

If you’ve noticed the physical evidence of bed bugs in your mattresses, chairs, or furniture, then it is unknown whether it is too late for you to treat them on your own.  Bed bugs are resilient and often infest more than one location, that’s why it is so difficult to get rid of them, even with professional help.  If you want to try to treat them by yourself first, there are some retail solutions that use sealed bags and insecticides to try to attack them from all angles.  This has a low chance of complete eradication, however.  It may be more affordable in the long run to seek out the services of professional exterminators.

Professional Extermination

Calling a professional cleaner to prevent, eliminate, and secure your shop or office from bed bugs will seem expensive, but if it saves your furniture and gives you the peace of mind to sleep, it is hard to say that the cost is too high, within reason of course.  Exterminators may use two different methods to treat your furniture: either by using extreme heat to effectively bake the bed bugs and prevent them from escaping or by using fumigation to poison them.  The heat treatment is favored for anyone who may have respiratory problems, young children, or pets who may come into contact with the leftover residue of the poison.  Other treatments that use a targeted approach for bed bug infestations confined to one area may use steam cleaning for more affordable services.

Thorough Treatment

Because bed bugs are so adaptive and can hide in virtually any crack or crevice (electrical outlets, for example), the initial cleaning must be followed up with further inspections and treatments every year, preferably.  Bed bugs can live without their meal for a long time, and oftentimes their bites may go unnoticed.  If you are someone who does a lot of traveling, this is one annual checkup that you should never go without because the earlier you catch them, the easier it is to eliminate them.

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