Environmental remediation companies in CT

Are you looking for environmental remediation companies in CT? Finding a contractor that’s the perfect fit can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never dealt with a remediation project before.

Not only do you have your own budget and preferences, but there are environmental remediation laws and regulations–plus the special needs of each project.

Here are our favorite questions to ask potential environmental remediation companies before you hire them:

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Do you need a permit for environmental remediation services in CT?

When you contract environmental remediation services, you may be concerned about permits that the state of Connecticut may or may not require. Overall, because there are gray areas on if you need a permit for every environmental remediation service in CT, we’ve compiled it by list.

The best thing to do is to work with qualified environmental remediation companies who have years (or ideally decades) of experiences.

However, for the diligent project manager (including CT homeowners) trying to do their own research on environmental remediation permits to make sure they’re in the clear with the state of Connecticut, we have a great list directly from the state of Connecticut.

And remember: environmental remediation permits exist to protect all Connecticut residents by keeping the things we love–from forests to the Sound–safe. Obtaining environmental remediation permits and operating within their regulations is not only the law but a reinvestment in the state.

6 Connecticut Permits That May be Needed in CT for Remediation Services

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