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Bathroom Sanitation Commercial Businesses In Connecticut

Bathroom sanitation needs no introduction. Most people know the least-hygienic places in their buildings are the bathroom, but few know where—besides the toilet—most bacteria is actually hiding.

But how does bathroom sanitation affect your bottom line?

The annual toll on businesses due to the flu in the US is a collective $16.3 billion. That’s $16,300,000,000.00 spelled out, or enough to give every adult in East Hartford enough money to buy 5 luxury cars.

67% of office workers come in sick—which means 67% of office workers are using your bathrooms while sick, spreading their illness.

The dirtiest place in a public bathroom isn’t the toilet (that’s #2), but sinks. Studies suggest 1 in every 10 restrooms harbors salmonella and fecal bacteria. 

public restroomThe third dirtiest place in a public bathroom? The soap dispenser! To check if your current cleaners are addressing this germ-colony, look at the cleanliness of the bottom of your soap dispenser (where your hand touches it) or wipe it down with a piece of paper towel. The best option? A hands-free soap dispenser.

To clean a restroom, you have two options:

1. Spray the area and wipe it down. (Think mops and buckets, spray bottle and paper towels, etc.)

2. A no-touch cleaning where you pressure-spray the area then vacuum the liquids dry. (Think of a touch-free carwash or hospital autoclave sanitation.)

To get a restroom cleaning quote please call

  1. How many restrooms you’ll want clean
  2. If you want traditional spray-and-wipe service or no-touch service (or if you want to see quotes for both)

In return, we can get you a quote for not only what we suggest will be the best investment in cutting down on illness-related lost profit, and how we compare to your current cleaning services.

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