Carpet Cleaning Connecticut

kaiturbineCarpet Cleaning In Connecticut

Carpeting is not only a dirt-trap, but home to fungus, odors, and bacteria if not cleaned properly. Sands and soils also act as sandpaper, wearing away your carpet fibers over time. Heavy-traffic areas need to be cleaned professionally every 1-3 months to keep your building looking and smelling right—not to mention germ-free.

Our professional hot-water extraction cleaning includes the following steps:

  1. Conduct a pre-inspection, noting any damaged areas or traffic patterns
  2. Pre-treat any areas of concerns, where our technicians can see spills or high-traffic patterns
  3. A pre-spray is applied to the carpet with a mold and bacteria agent
  4. Several options such as cylindrical extraction or bonnet cleaning are available, but in any case pressurized water treatment loosens dirt and organisms in your carpet fibers
  5. All carpets are dried with a high-power vacuum, extracting both dirt and water from the carpet
  6. Deodorizer is applied
  7. Carpet is then raked and groomed, followed by a final vacuuming when dry

A combination of traditional vacuum cleaning and a professional hot water extraction cleaning normally produces the best results for the best price, both in your yearly cleaning budget and for long-term building maintenance.

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