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Day-to-Day Sanitation Connecticut

If you’re surfing this page on a computer – look at the letter G in the center of your keyboard. On that key (and each other letter key) there are an estimated 17,000 organisms. (That’s the population of Rocky Hill, CT.)

keyboardYour enter-key, caps-lock, and shift-key? Those are home to about 60,000 living germs each. (That’s all of Manchester, CT.) 

And the desk? 10,000,000 germs. (That’s 100x more than the average kitchen table, and more germs than the population of Hong Kong .) 

If you’re surfing this page on a phone – well, you’re staring at this article through a wall of over 450,000 germs. (That’s the population of Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, and Manchester combined. Living on your phone screen!)

So how do we clean the dirtiest places in your office?

  • Using a mix of hand-held sanitizers, we spray and wipe down all surfaces you touch regularly, including all desks, keyboards, light switches, and door knobs
  • Our cleaners work around anything sitting on your desks (notebooks, water bottles, coffee mugs) so you have no interruption in your work flow.
  • For chronically messy desks (who has the messiest desk in your office?) we use contact card so our cleaners can leave small notes to your employees directly letting them know we’d like to sanitize their desk tomorrow.
  • We can additionally provide magnetic notices for all fridges to help staff remove any lingering contents. (Another way we can keep your schedule clear while making sure your office is always sanitary.)
  • For particularly hard-to-clean offices, we offer the option of using pressured aerosol cans, we blast out all bacteria and dirt living in keyboards and phone number pads
  • We also strongly suggest cleaning out all break rooms—including microwaves, sinks, and fridges—regularly with the same techniques

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