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The top reason for hospital-borne infections is dirty hands and poor disinfection practices. But since presumably all nurses and hospital staff know hand washing is key in saving their patients’ lives, how is this still possible?

If hospitals are having a hard time keeping clean, then your business may be too—even if everyone is washing their hands regularly.

highlights hands freeSinks are—in fact—the greatest reservoir of germs in public restrooms. Because of the water and constant moisture, sinks are a breading ground for bacteria. What’s more, soap dispensers are also constantly being contaminated when not-so-thoroughly-washed hands move from the sink to the soap dispenser and touch it. And after that, when hands move to a hot-air dryer, you can actually contract germs because of the warm blowing air. In contrast, paper towel dispensers can reduce the residual bacteria on your hands by up to 75%.

The best way to make sure hand sanitation is effective in your office space (and keep illness-related costs down) is to install hands-free devices. From motion-sensor sinks to hands-free soap dispensers and paper-towel dispensers, cleaning your bathrooms is a business investment—not just something to comfort your customers.

Spaces can install, maintain, and stock the following hands-free devices to help keep your office clean:


  • Hands-free soap dispensers
  • Hands-free paper towel dispensers
  • Hands-free toilet paper dispensers
  • Time-mist air fresheners
  • Hands-free Purell sanitizers

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