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#1 CT Office Cleaning ServiceKaivac Sanitation Cleaning in Connecticut

Sometimes the traditional mop-and-bucket just aren’t enough.

If they did, flu epidemics wouldn’t be sweeping the country every winter. Major restrooms wouldn’t be feared by travelers or moms. We wouldn’t hear news stories where entire schools are shut down due to an illness. And the economy wouldn’t be losing $225.8 billion dollars every year due to work-related illness.

Pushing around dirt in one area with a mop, plunging that dirt into a bucket of soapy water, then putting that same mop back on a floor is not only inefficient but expensive.

So how do we address healthcare with cleaning? When there’s an illness outbreak in a school or hospital, we can schedule a health inspection with a Kaivac technician to immediately stop the outbreak from spreading without sending everyone home for a week.

A Kaivac touch-free sanitation system not only takes less cleaning time than traditional mop-and-bucket cleaning but can properly sanitize your space—leading to a 2-8% increase in productivity, depending on a company. (How much would that make you an additional a year in profit?)

When choosing the traditional mop-and-bucket over a Kaivac system, factors to consider are

  1. How much you pay out for health insurance or sick time.
  2. If illness in your building effects you in other ways (student absences, additional childcare costs).
  3. What can your customers see or smell in your bathroom, and will that positively or negatively affect their likeliness to return or leave a review?
  4. How many times you personally got sick last year, and how that affected your productivity. (Or, even just what sort of illness you had and how it felt!)
  5. When your bathroom is at it’s cleanest, how does it smell?

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