Window Cleaning Connecticut

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Maintaining clean windows not only keeps them looking professional to your business’s clients and employees, but is also an investment that saves you money long-term. The majority of heating and air conditioning you’re paying for is lost through your building’s windows.

If you’ve invested in high-efficiency windows (or, if you don’t own your building and wish your landlord would), you need to have your windows professionally washed to prevent:

  • Hard materials from contaminating the pores of your glass (from sprinkler systems or building run-off)
  • Deterioration due to acids in rain water
  • Oxidization and rush (from windows’ metal frames and screens, as well as building run-off)

For your quote, ask about our two window cleaning methods: either (1) traditional spray-and-wipe for interiors or regular cleanings, or (2) pressurized no-touch cleaning, for windows that are touched often or at higher risk for hard material contamination. For windows that require extra attention (windows that are typically near a body of water, major highway, or industrial area) we also offer a power wash followed by squeegee—the best of both techniques.

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