$100 Off Carpet or Floor Cleaning Coupon In Connecticut

$100 Off Carpet or Floor Cleaning Coupon In Connecticut

$100 Off Carpet or Floor Refinishing Coupon

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning
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Happy New Year 2017!!

Make 2017 the year you keep your resolution to keep your office, business or commercial spaces clean and sanitized.

For first time clients, between now and June 11, 2017, you will receive $100 off carpet cleaning or floor refinishing,

Please fill out a free estimate and include the code 100bucksoff to save on your first cleaning.

We are so confident you will see the difference you will want to retain our services for many years to come.

Thank you!!


Free Initial Cleaning With Any (30) Day Maintenance Plan

Free Initial Cleaning With Any (30) Day Maintenance Plan


Happy New Year 2017!! Enjoy a free initial cleaning of your office, business or commercial space with any of our 30 day cleaning and sanitizing maintenance plans. You will be satisfied with our experienced and professional staff. Please fill out a free quote and use the code INTITALCLEANING2017 to enjoy the benefits of a clean and sanitary environment, Valid for first-time clients and this offer expires February 11, 2017. Thank you and keep your spaces clean!!

50% Off Any Commercial Cleaning Service

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50% Off Any Commercial Cleaning Service

Happy New Year 2017!! We are currently running a very special 50% Off Any Commercial Cleaning Service promotion for new clients in Connecticut. Please feel free to request a free estimate and mention code NEWYEAR2017 to redeem this offer. We are so convinced you will be overly satisfied with our professional service you will want us to maintain your clean and sanitized commercial space for a long time to come. Valid only for new clients and this offer expires February 11, 2017. Thank you and resolve for 2017 to keep your spaces clean!!

What Is Burnishing? Why Should I Have It Done?

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What Is Burnishing? Why Should I Have It Done?

Floors can be a challenging to maintain and keep from losing the level of vibrancy and shine that it had when it was first purchased.  Many surfaces often go through stages of fading, blemishes, and possible damage, especially when it comes to hardwood, metal, or polymer flooring.

Fixing and reversing this aging process is often expensive or difficult to pull off on your own.  Polishing is a great way to revitalize flooring, but it can be very expensive.  One alternative that is often overlooked is burnishing.  This technique gives the appearance of a high-shine floor.

Burnished Wood

Because it is a more complicated process, burnishing is not something you hear too much. It involves running a buffer at high speeds which essentially takes off a thin layer of the aging wood. It can be further customized for personal touches, such as speckled highlights and tones of various finishing colors.  It is truly an impressive way to present your wood.

Burnishing Metals

The concept behind burnishing metals is not different from wood.  A high-speed buffer works to hone the surface of the metal so that it is brushed into alignment, therefore creating a perfect surface to reflect the light and give us that amazing shine we all appreciate.

Burnishing Polymer

You’ve seen it before. A polymer floor with high foot traffic that looks worn out and beat up. While buffing this type can increase the shine, it will only cover over the scratches. Burnishing will basically melt the top layer of the floor making it like new.

Burnishing Value

Compared to polishing, burnishing works much faster to achieve the desired glow of the surface.  This works best when done by a professional cleaning company.  This is a fairly laborious and tedious process, especially when doing a big project like an entire floor space.  The end result of burnishing, followed by a waxing, can almost resemble a marble-like finish.

Many businesses maintain their property through regular burnishing service.  This is something that can protect your floors by negating the need for costly strip and wax jobs.  Burnishing amplifies the cleanliness of your place of business.  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never settle for less ever again.


Want to learn more about burnishing for your workspace? Contact us today for a free quote.


Managing A To-Do List – Connecticut Office Cleaning Service


Managing A To-Do List

Even the strongest and most self-determined need a little structure and guidance to keep as productive as possible.  There needs to be some type of long-term plan and system in place, even if it’s as basic as a running “to-do” list.  But, why settle for a simple grocery checklist?  Take your organization to the next level, and your achievements with it.  There are different lists you can make to motivate and keep your eyes on the prize, without overwhelming you with too much on your plate.  Here are a few examples.

Handling Basic To-dos

We start with everyone’s favorite; checklists.  To-do lists can be extremely helpful reminders for the day or week’s tasks.  It’s important to keep them limited to things that you know you can complete in a day’s worth or less.  Try to avoid adding your long-term goals onto the lists, i.e. things that will take more than a few days to accomplish.  Keep reading to see how you can manage these goals more efficiently.

Projects Lists

Great for planning lists that require steps to complete, i.e. A) must be done before B) can be started, so as to be organized without swamping all of your goals and other responsibilities.  This can also be what usually comes out of a great brainstorming session.  In fact, it becomes very easy and natural to form your project lists around the quick mapping out of ideas, with the finer details that show the progression to the ultimate goal.

It also helps to have a digital representation of your projects, so that it may be easy for you to go back and edit things as you would with a whiteboard.  A simple MS Word or Excel spreadsheet can get the job done.  Other project management software, such as One Note or Evernote allows for much more creative and comprehensive management of your lists, although they can be overwhelming at first.

Keeping a Running List

These types of lists are best for logging your interests and ideas you have throughout the day.  Some people use it as a sort of side commentary, separate from important to-do lists or project tasks.  That way, when you get home after a long day, you can refer to thoughts or ideas that you had in your head, but wasn’t sure when you’d be able to get around to doing/checking out.

Lists are very underrated and underappreciated.  It might be because it reminds a lot of us of all the dreaded note-taking required from us in school.  Some people really loved taking notes and studying, but of course not all of us learn or work the same way.  It is important to have some level of management if you are to be successful in life and have some level of control over the stress levels that we encounter on a daily basis.

In order to learn from mistakes and grow towards bigger and better things, it just makes sense to keep a record of where you’ve come from and where you’re going.  Use lists as tools to keep you grounded, but don’t allow them to hold you down.