Bathroom remodel in Tolland CT (customer review)


We love seeing customer reviews like this one for a bathroom remodel in Tolland CT we did for Mariele.

From this review (and many more we receive) ou can tell how frustrating a bathroom remodel in CT can be! It was a big job with a lot of small parts (everything from tiles to painting and even a new bathtub) and we understand why some bathroom remodel companies don’t want to give quotes without making clients jump through hoops because of how many pieces there are.

See this and other real customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Home Advisor, BBB, Thumbtack, or Angie’s List.

That said, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly get back to all of our Connecticut neighbors with bathroom solutions, and build great relationships with everyone east of the river!

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How to find a bathroom remodeling company in CT

1. Set your bathroom remodel budget and list your priorities

We’ve written plenty on this before, but the most important thing is to set your ideal bathroom remodel budget AND list your priorities in your bathroom remodel. Some details like lighting might be on your “splurge” list while a new bathtub may be a dire necessity. But once you have your own budget and priorities, go shop around.

2. Put together a spreadsheet

Almost every customer is going to reach out to a number of bathroom remodel companies, like the Tolland CT homeowner above. is going to Before we explain anything else, here’s an idea we’ve taken from some of our most organized customers. Just plop a copy of this into your Google Sheets or Microsoft Xcel and read below!


A spread sheet example for how to track various companies when shopping for a bathroom remodel in tolland ct

3. Do a quick Google Business search for bathroom remodel companies in your area

You don’t always find the best fit on the first page of Google, but it’s a starting point. Gather the info from the companies on the first page, but remember that their position on the first page does NOT indicate their quality or experience!

The best place to  clear through the ads and find local companies by going to google and then clicking through the listings (called Google Business) where you can also see their reviews, proximity to you, and photos. These real listings are a mix of their proximity to you, quality of reviews, and relevance to your search: not just their ability to make a good website.

On Google Business, you can right off the bat rule out anyone with single-digit reviews or less than 4 stars as a quick and easy way to do a great screening.

Here we suggest picking 7 companies, but we have many customers who do up to 10 or even 15.

4. Check for reviews

Our favorite places for reviews aren’t the cherry picked reviews on the company’s own websites, but the real organic reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Home Advisor, BBB, or Angie’s List. There are also other websites like Thumbtack if you want to really dig, but we normally find these 5 to be the easiest to access and have the best screenings.

Remember that you already cut out anyone who didn’t have good ratings with Google Business, so at this point you’re not cutting anyone else out–just gathering information.

5. Make your calls

You can immediately start collecting information when you make phone calls–but you’ll notice price isn’t until the end in our worksheet. That’s because when you’re making your calls you’re likely not going to get instant quotes, but what you will get information on is:

  • How quickly do they get back to you?
  • Are you spoken to politely and with respect?
  • Do they make you jump through hoops to get a quote, or do they volunteer to help?
  • Do they seem knowledgable?

Remember to ask for insurance and certifications! Even if you don’t know what is normal or what looks good, you can compare all of the information against itself to help you get a good feeling.

6. Set a timer

How long do the companies take to get back to you? At what point can you make a call? As you can see in this review from a real Tolland homeowner, many just don’t ever get back to clients.

We suggest 3-4 days (since over the weekends many people aren’t working, and in our line of work many emergencies come up which take us out of the office). But after your date, you can eliminate them from the list if they don’t get back to you.

7. Collect your prices

Finally, at the end of everything, you’ll have your prices. Many companies simply won’t even get to this point, but after everything else the initial price quote will be another data point in choosing a good bathroom remodeling company.


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