Bathroom remodel in Vernon Rockville, CT (6 Dos and Don’ts)

Spaces LLC has been doing bathroom remodels in Vernon Rockville, Manchester, Tolland, and all of the surrounding towns for over two decades. We’ve known Connecticut’s “east of the river” homes well since we’re homeowners ourselves and based in East Hartford.

To help you out, we have a small list of mistakes that you should avoid when doing a bathroom remodel in Vernon Rockville.

Because we’ve seen it all!

Our Do and Do Not list of Bathroom remodeling for CT homeowners

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DO have a clear bathroom remodel plan

Many homeowners have beautiful “bathroom remodel inspiration” boards on Pinterest or pictures cut out their favorite images from magazines, but haven’t put together plans that incorporate:

  • Their measured space
  • Additional precise measurements: tubs, toilets, and vents
  • An “ideal” budget and firm “maximum” budget
  • Color schemes
  • Materials

Without first having a concrete plan, nothing else will work. Contractors will offer you solutions that don’t fit your visit, your budget will get out of hand quickly, and bathroom remodel frustration will quickly creep up on you!

DO NOT pick the wrong materials for CT weather

We don’t think about how precisely our bathrooms are constructed since we use them every day… until we have water damage or find mold. Because we also work in water and mold remediation, we’ve seen a barely-noticeable dripping bathroom pipe cost homeowners thousands of unexpected dollars.

Materials used in your bathroom must withstand water, humidity, temperature changes, and intense daily use. Here is an amazingly bad list of 5 materials you must avoid at all costs!

In CT (especially the Snowbelt that Vernon and Rockville are in) we have to prepare for extremely humid hots and extremely dry colds. It’s one of the biggest challenges for all house remodels (including bathrooms and kitchens) and one of the reasons local experts can understand your needs better than national corporations.

DO a realistic bathroom remodel budget

Here is one formula that we find works really well for homeowners looking to sell:

  • Take your home’s estimated value from Zilllow
  • Plan for 5-10% of your home’s value as your “bathroom value” [source]
  • In the East, you may get less than a 50- percent ROI for a new bathroom. [source]
  • Once you have your bathroom’s value and factor in your return on investment, you can set yourself a budget FIRST to prioritize what must be updated versus what doesn’t need to be updated.

And another formula for homeowners looking to enjoy their bathroom:

  • Ask yourself: am I investing in luxury, or only updating? Take this mentality with you through the next steps.
  • If you want a luxury bathroom, list your priorities and get a range of quotes from various designers (see the next section) then work backward. Which are the most important to you, and which are really a splurge?
  • If you’re only looking to update, know that using a licensed professional designer and contractor can cost $175 to $225 per square foot. [source] Measure the square footage of your bathroom and, armed with our lits of priorities, go talk to some professionals.

NO MATTER WHAT, our personal advice is to then take your final number and add 15% for unexpected costs. This will keep you from getting sticker-shocked at the end of a project and help you plan ahead for future investments.

DO shop around… but not only for the price

Nothing is more expensive than a job that has to be done (and paid for) twice.

Sometimes a higher sticker price means a lower long-term price. When you’re speaking with a remodeling company:

  • Ask to see photos and reviews from their bathroom remodels done in Connecticut.
  • Ask about their licenses and insurance incase something goes wrong.
  • Ask plenty of questions: don’t only listen for the answers, but to see if you want to trust the person you’re talking to with your home.
  • Rule out anyone significantly over or under the others. While there will likely be a large spread of prices from various experts, anyone going far above or below the others may be a red flag.
  • Ask about any additional services they offer. Someone who knows you, your home, and your bathroom can be a great on-hand expert in case you need something done in any other room of the house–from smoke damage to chimney help.

DO NOT ignore the plumbing

Even though the plumbing may not add to the bathroom of your dreams, remodeling your bathroom is a great time to take a look and make sure there are no hidden underlying issues in your plumbing.

This may add to unexpected costs during the upgrade, but long-term will save you from having to pay those extra costs on top of something much more serious like mold or water remediation

DO NOT ignore the fans or vents

All of the ventilation in your bathroom, whether it’s fans and ducts or just the windows, works hard to keep your house healthy.

Remodeling your bathroom is a great time to have your vents cleaned, make sure your fans are working properly, and have anything that needs updating updated. In the past we’ve found everything in vents from colonies of insects to an unimaginable amount of debris–taking a moment to help out your fan, vents, or windows is another simple change that could save you thousands long-term.

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