Creating a Proud Workforce

Five Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

How do you find and maintain a team of workers that will be there for you when you need them the most?  Dependable and loyal employees are not just waiting for you in the sea of applicants, they are created from within and they require effort from the owner’s part to provide the right mix of benefits, pay, competition, and communication. Working with a company that pride themselves on employee success can make the difference in your relationship with them.

Rewards and Benefits

Having a decent wage or salary is definitely a prerequisite to leading a happy and satisfied workplace.  Pay rate won’t keep your employee around by itself forever, though.  Stagnant wages aside, you need to create some variable incentives, like company-wide contests and awards.  This also covers the friendly competition aspect of work that keeps the bar raised on productivity.

Suggestion Boxes and Feedback

At the very least, you should have a box where employees can communicate with upper management at all times.  The suggestion box should be a thing that gets implemented on a weekly basis, either through company email or meetings.  Keeping your employees engaged brings out a strong trust with you and management through constant communication and knowing that their voice is being heard.  This, of course, is pointless if their issues only receive polite or vague responses that don’t result in actions.

Maintaining Loyalty

Pledging company loyalty sounds like a far-fetched or bizarre concept these days, but there are still companies out there that manage to maintain a great report with their staff and can say with certainty that they have employees who will stay with them for as long as their personal lives permit them.

One way to achieve this level of loyalty is to provide amazing flexibility with your scheduling and plenty of room for them to move up the ladder.

Be careful, however, being too flexible can result in the cost of losing qualified representatives and weakening productivity.  This is on account of a high turnover rate is a typical event where representatives no longer have professional stability.  As most business owners know, keeping up stable work calendars creates a more stable workforce and this, thusly, decreases turnover and eventually strengthens the bonds between employees and management.

“My name is Marangely Ortiz and I have been employed by Spaces LLC for a little over a year. As a single mother with four children, Spaces has given me the opportunity to raise a family while making a good income. The Spaces staff has been accommodating when situations have risen that make it difficult to work and have been supportive through tough times. They have taught me the skills needed to succeed and grow as a single mother.”

Pride and Happiness

So, at the end of the day, it pays to bolster and advance projects that energize worker morale and occupation fulfillment.  As per the Society of Human Resource Management, organizations can enhance workforce satisfaction by concentrating on building a more joyful broad culture, inspiring representatives with prizes and acknowledgment programs, and permitting laborers to use their voice and ideas to make positive changes to a company that they care deeply about, beyond their own material benefits and personal satisfaction.

Give Them the Tools for Success

If you worked in a job where you never had the right tools at your disposal, it might affect your work ethic and wiliness to do a good job. By providing employees with the best tools at their disposal, they can create a sense of pride.

“My name is Marlon Portillo and I am currently serving in the US ARMY as well as being the Operations Manager for Spaces LLC. In my previous work experience, I have seen how difficult it is to find and keep a job when you can be called to military duty and any point in time. Ever since I have joined the Spaces team three years ago they have been amazingly supportive on giving me the proper time off whenever I have to serve my country. I started off as an office secretary, but with Andrew Stoddard’s help and guidance, I have learned the organizational, leadership, and time-management skills need to succeed in not only my civilian career but to be able to transfer those skills to the battlefield. I’ve learned how to communicate better with my team members, keep the standard of our services to the highest levels, and how to set my team and myself to succeed in any situation. I greatly enjoy being part of the Spaces team and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a highly-quality, veteran-friendly service. Hooah!!!”

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