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How we clean medical offices in Manchester, New Britain, Hartford, and all of Central CT

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Deep medical-grade cleaning for all types of floors

Linoleum floors are often one of our most-requested surfaces, since they quickly accumulate dirt and dust, and can look dirty even before they begin to carry disease.

But the old mop-and-bucket can often just push dirt into cracks or up against the walls and take germs with it. On top of cleaning these surfaces (which is largely cosmetic), we also recommend atomized bleach to kill any microscopic life. (For one anonymous medical office in Hartford, a doctor was shocked to discover that while building janitorial services had been regularly been cleaning the floors, there hadn’t been any disinfection or sanitation done in several years.)

Many medical offices will have an in-house team to clean any spills (including biohazards like blood or vomit) but call in fogging services for disinfection after a long day of cleaning-as-they-go. These floor disinfection surfaces can be done alongside other disinfection services, saving businesses money and cutting down on management time.

For all biological clean up services, please contact our office to speak with a manager as they are not included in our regular medical office cleaning and disinfection surfaces.

Special bathroom medical sanitation

Of course, bathrooms are the highest priority for us. On top of first cleaning and then disinfecting the whole restroom, we offer additional services to go above and beyond in restroom sanitation:

  1. We can install and replenish paper towel dispensers (which are more sanitary than electric blowers)
  2. Additional paper towels and sanitary wipes can be kept with any urine collection stations
  3. We can install and maintain hand sanitizer stations throughout your building, including restrooms
  4. We can keep in regular stock soaps, toilet paper, and even paper masks at various stations throughout your building (and of course in the restrooms themselves)

What we love about maintaining sanitation stations like this is that, while bathrooms can be left in awful states by sick patients, regularly stocked and always-clean bathrooms will often encourage patients to take care of them themselves, thus taking a little load off your team.

If your office deals with regular urine testing (as many in Manchester, Hartford, and New Britain do) we recommend speaking to one of our specialists for individual solutions.

Medical office cleaning in all receptions, lounges, and waiting areas

In many medical offices or medical buildings, cleaning the rooms where patients spend the most time is obvious. Sanitizing arm-rest on chairs, tables and light switches, and doorknobs has to be done before anything.

But what if you have fabric chairs? What about the receptionist’s station? Is anyone sanitizing keyboards, walls where patients may have learned on while waiting, or clothing racks?

We highly recommend full fogging for all waiting rooms, which will penetrate cracks even a few nanometers in width and totally disinfect cloth surfaces, keyboards and phones, and even carpet.

Check-up room cleaning means full sanitation

Private rooms can quickly accumulate invisible droplets of blood, urine, vomit, or any sort of bio-contaminate you can imagine. While many medical offices have in-house teams to help with these, there is always the pressure to stay on schedule–and microscopic life may still be lurking in cracks or under cabinets even after a quick clean-and-bleach is done.

In the best of cases, rooms are cleaned after every patient’s check-up. However, even then, is someone cleaning the walls incase droplets of sneeze have collected? What about the knobs on cabinet doors, the weighing scale, or the handle on the otoscope?

To prevent long-term build-ups, on top of regular thorough cleanings, we recommend fumigating with atomized bleach overnight to make sure powerful sanitation products sit in your medical office undisturbed to kill off any bacterial colonies that may be forming.

Attention to detail in sanitizing doctor’s private offices

After meeting 20 patients in one day [source], a doctor often relies on his or her private office to get other work done critical to their job. But besides emptying the trash or vacuuming, are the cleaners sanitizing anything else?

When we sanitize a private doctor’s office, here is a list of everything that is fully disinfected:

  • Doorknobs, light switches
  • Computer keyboards, mice, monitors
  • Any tablets or phones (even if they are ones used by the doctors personally, as long as they’re left on the desk, this comes at no extra cost)
  • Knobs on any drawers or cabinets
  • The surfaces of any desks, filing cabinets, or tables
  • Flooring
  • Ledges or window sills that may be touched
  • Blinds, including their cords
  • Pens or other writing devices left on desks
  • The exteriors of any small refrigerators, cabinets, or safes
  • All chairs including their padding, armrest, and backrests

HVAC, air ducts, and ventilation sanitation

While so many viruses and illnesses are spread through the air, it’s always a wonder to us that so many airways in medical offices go without sanitation services for years on end.

On top of the dust and pollen that builds up in these common airways, often aggravating symptoms of patients with respiratory problems, much larger problems can spread throughout your workspace if a patient with an infectious disease is physically isolated, but the air they are breathing is mixed with that of air in other rooms after being allowed to breed in your airways.

OR, HDU, patient wards, and ICU disinfecting

For rooms that need special attention or are high-risk for infection diseases, we come up with custom solutions directly with you.

Because we’re medical office cleaning experts, we know that it’s not simply good enough to have a one-size-fits-all approach. We’re here to work with your environmental team or management staff.

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