The Best Asthma and Respiratory Treatment And Care

Asthma and Respiratory Care

If you have a friend or family member that has asthma, then you know just how debilitating and draining it can be to participate in physical activities, even with the use of an inhaler.  Those who live with asthma cannot afford to breathe in any mold spores, as they will instantly trigger an attack.  Whether you or those you live with have asthma or not, it is important to be aware of the quality of air in your office or place of business. 

If you suspect that you have mold in your ventilation or air conditioning unit, you should not hesitate to call a professional to have the mold completely removed and steps taken to prevent it from entering your air ducts ever again.  Here is a quick guide on responsible air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance.

A Thorough Cleaning  

Not all HVAC cleaning specialists are qualified for proper mold detection and removal.  Make sure you don’t settle for someone who only utilizes a glorified vacuum cleaner to clean inside your air ducts.  If it is the case that your air ducts contain mold all inside them, you may be better off replacing them altogether, as the cleaning process must be very thorough for it to prevent mold from reappearing.

You want a commercial cleaning company that understands HVAC systems, how moisture can get in a ventilation system, and how to detect a mold growth problem inside your business.  Since you can’t see for yourself just how bad a mold infestation is inside your vents, you must rely on the expertise of the technician to test and sample any potential signs that you have mold inside your vents.

Improving your Air Quality

Cleaning your air ducts is a great step to take towards improving your air quality, even if you do not suspect that you have mold in your ducts.  This is because it directly benefits your air conditioning system’s health to have it professional inspected and maintained every couple of years, preferably before the summer arrives and HVAC problems arise.

When hiring a commercial cleaning professional, take the necessary steps to protect yourself from unqualified and/or inexperienced workers.

  • Make sure they detail everything that is included in their “free check-ups”.
  • Ignore exaggerated claims about their packages that will improve life-spans and/or health.
  • Confirm they are properly licensed and insured by the state.
  • Get the free inspection, but schedule the maintenance after you have researched their references and reviews online of previous clients.
  • Get everything in writing for the services that they will provide.
  • Take pictures of your ducts/air conditioner before getting work done.

With these basic precautions and preparation taken, you can eliminate any potential mold infestations in your business by protecting the most vulnerable entry points to your vents and air conditioning system.  Take the offensive approach by maintaining overall duct and HVAC cleanliness, as well as the moisture or humidity levels of your shop or office, so that you never allow mold to exist in the first place.

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Guess What Is Hiding In Your Carpet?

What’s Hiding In Your Office Carpets?

Our carpets are often taken for granted with how much abuse and contact they have with foreign bodies.  From foot traffic to microscopic migrations, carpets can see a ton of activity in just one day.  The inevitable spill and stain also make us pay a little closer attention to our carpets, however, we still don’t quite get an accurate scope of just how much our carpets trap inside their fibers.

When you skip having your carpets cleaned outside of emergency spills and messes, you’ll eventually discover the ugly truth after years of abuse.  Carpets harbor not only dirt that is tracked in from outside, but also layers of dust, pet dander, and even mold spores, deep within the microscopic fibers to where you may be unable to visually detect it, yet still ever present.  You would think that regular vacuuming would prevent such a scenario, but the plush carpet weave that provides comfort to us, unfortunately, provides the perfect home for foreign particles.

Clean and Protect Your Carpets

Other than the undeniable advantages of steam cleaning your floors, giving brighter hues and the end of bad smells, you are basically rejuvenating the life of your carpet’s fabrics every time.  After some time, the deep and remote dirt particles that get implanted into the fibers will begin to fade and wear out the strands, making the rug observably flatter and rougher to the touch.

It is imperative to abstain from cleaning your floors with store-bought chemicals.  These are not just less successful, they’ll just wind up harming you and/or your carpet. Ask your vendor about what chemical lines they use and why they feel it would be best for your needs.

Considering DIY Solutions

Regardless of how cautious and how clean you are with regards to your shop or office, there will be times when you can’t be there for each mishap or spill before it soaks in too deep.  The effectiveness of a proper carpet cleaner lies not in the steam, yet rather the particular cleaning agents that can infiltrate with the help of the steaming water.  Thus, the motivation behind why leasing a steam cleaner yourself is not the best venture for your cash is a direct result of the cleansers that are accessible to you at the store level.

Calling the Professionals

If you’re looking to get the most comprehensive and thorough cleaning for your carpets, you’re better off hiring qualified carpet cleaners.  The most serious issue with steam cleaners when all is said and done is being sufficient enough to reach dirt and other particles deep in the carpet’s fibers with your cleaning, yet not take too long and have another issue with drying out in enough time to not ruin all that work by inviting mildew to grow.

Finding an expert floor cleaner that can give you dependable results, creating a positive impact on the health and upkeep of your environment, and the health of all of those who live and work with you.  You will notice a difference in the look and feel of your carpet immediately after having a professional cleaning.

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professional cleaning


Is Your Office in Need of a Professional Cleaninng?

Your place of business is often an extension of yourself; you can often tell someone’s personality and lifestyle from how they keep their office or workspace, even without looking at personal items.  Keeping everything clean is a never-ending struggle for many people.  The battle against dust, dander, and foreign invaders is a war that requires so much time and energy, it’s all too easy to fall behind, even if you’re a self-proclaimed clean freak.  Have you ever considered investing in a little professional help?

These are typically four tell-tale signs of an office or business that could use a little bit more than the usual elbow grease:

Clean isn’t ‘clean’ anymore

Do you ever finish one of your cleaning sessions and just feel as though your floors, surfaces, or carpets just don’t “look” as clean as they should?  Colors aren’t exactly faded, but maybe your cleaning isn’t as thorough as it could be.  Rather than chalking it up to aging furniture or office equipment, it could just mean that dust and dirt has managed to find its way into hard to reach places to the point where you would need to spend more time cleaning to ‘reset’ things to the level of cleanliness that you were used to seeing when you first moved in.

Phantom Odors

Garbage cans aren’t the only odor ozone that can provide unlimited supplies of odors to each corner of a room.  There’s always a possibility that you’ll get some faint smell in your carpets, upholstery, and even wood, which you just can’t seem to locate and eliminate on your own.  Professional cleaners excel at these kinds of jobs. A commercial cleaning professional has years of cleaning experience, they know just how easily odors can be trapped in the cracks and crevices of rooms and how to safely eliminate them.

Everything is in Disarray

Have you looked around your facility lately and noticed that you are constantly running out of soap in the bathroom and your trash cans are constantly overflowing? This is a clear sign that you are in need of a commercial cleaning company. You can set up routine cleaning service dates to ensure that everything is stocked and emptied at the appropriate times.

Time and Money

You might get to the point in your life where you’ll start thinking to yourself about just how much time you actually spend cleaning.  That could be 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month.  Now, start thinking about how much that translates to your actual income or revenue, just wait for those wheels to start spinning, and then you’ll realize that you could technically save money by hiring a cleaning service to take care of the cleaning while you use your time as you see fit.

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The Benefits Of Having A Clean Office

Why it is Important to Have a Clean Office Environment

Who doesn’t love working in a clean environment? Whether you’re running a business or an employee working for someone, almost 40% of your day is spent within your office. If your office building isn’t clean then it can have dire effects on health, productivity, and perception of your business. An office is a place where people come from different backgrounds. Some of them might carry multiple health issues. Apart from this, dirt and debris can accumulate in your offices which ultimately lower its levels of aesthetics. Therefore, it is very important to get your office cleaned on a regular basis. There are many benefits of having a clean office. It improves health, elevates performance levels, and increases productivity. Some of these benefits are discussed below in detail:

Improves Productivity

The most basic benefit which you can enjoy with having a clean office is improved productivity. It is a common observation that if your surroundings aren’t clean, you will find it more difficult to pay attention to your work. You will suffer from mood swings and high mental stress. Whereas, a clean office ensures lower levels of stress, gives good mood, and a happy environment of your office, thus improving productivity.

Improves Aesthetics of your Office

Apart from general productivity, proper cleaning improves levels of aesthetics of your office. One thing which you should keep in mind that your office is reflective of your professionalism. The cleaner your office is, the more professional you appear.

Helps you Save Time

In the business world, you don’t have the luxury to waste time. You have to set goals and ensure their completion within limited time durations. But, if your office isn’t clean, instead littered with dirt and debris, it will hard for you to focus on the work. If you’re like most, you may get caught up tidying, rather than working on your projects.

Gives a Good Impression

People tend to make decisions based on their surroundings within a few seconds. That is why it is crucial that your office environment is clean. As they say, well-begun half done; it is true in case of business meetings with your clients, customers, and potential business partners as well. If your office isn’t clean, people won’t be much interested in working with you thus lowering your chances of growth and expansion.

Improves Health

Cleanliness improves the health conditions of your employees. A messy office not only leads to the spread of physical illness, but it can also affect employee mental health. Studies show that an uncleaned office greatly increases worker stress. Workers with good health can think creatively, strategize more effectively, and perform better which ultimately is good for your enterprise.
Since commercial cleaning is a tough process, you should hire professional cleaning services for the job. You should look for a company which offers reliability, affordability, and quality services. As a business owner, it is your job to ensure a better health of your employees, by keeping your office clean. Otherwise, you might see a dramatic drop in productivity and a high turnover rate, which could damage your growth. Want to learn how you can keep your work environment clean?

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What should I look for in a Cleaning Company?

How to Pick a Commerical Cleaning Company for Your Business

In the process of hiring a professional cleaning service, the first step is to point out the places in your building which need priority attention. This will help you devise a strategy with which you will be able to get your building cleaned in a timely and efficient way. Once you have decided to hire a professional cleaning company, the next thing you need to do is, explore multiple options at your exposure and choose one which is the most competent of all. There are several things which you should look-out-for in a professional cleaning company. Some of them are discussed below:


The company you’re considering to hire should have a registration license with the local authorities. It is only authorized companies which cater for the updated standards. Unauthorized companies don’t bother following the standards set by cleaning authorities. Moreover, only licensed companies have the permission to use some of the intricate tools and techniques for cleaning.


Commercial cleaning is a daunting process as it involves a few risks, be it tight spaces or unruly machines. Make sure the company you’re hiring has insured professionals. This will save you from legal complications in case of an accident, met by cleaning personnel.


You wouldn’t want to quarrel with the cleaning company, in the case of a theft at your place. To avoid this, hire a bonded company service. Bonded companies take responsibilities of your valuables while cleaning; they are held responsible in case of a theft or any other loss.


Another thing which you should look-out-for in a professional cleaning company is reviews. Reviews are very important as this help you to determine the credibility of the company as well as the quality of its services. You can either ask for their website or social media pages for reviews, or you can ask to meet any of their previous clients so you can talk to them about the satisfaction of the services.

History Check of Employees

There are companies which do history check of their employees. This is important as it helps them find out about past engagements of their employees; their criminal backgrounds, their employment history, their training etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Cleaning companies charge you with a good fortune. Therefore, you should be their first priority. Hire one which puts customer satisfaction at the top on its list of priorities.


It is another factor which should move your decision while hiring a professional cleaning company. Don’t overpay for the services you’re getting. Hire a company which offers best services with minimum asking price. Keep in mind the old adage, you get what you pay for. Be sure to look out for companies that seem too good to be true.
Swiftness of the Service
The speed and swiftness of the services should also help you determine which cleaning company you want to hire. Hire one which has a track record of providing fast services. But, make sure swiftness of the work doesn’t compromise its quality.
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