Picking a sliding glass door replacement company (6 tips)

If you’re looking a sliding glass door replacement company, it can seem like the number of companies who work on windows and glass doors is endless. So we put together this great little guide for all Connecticut homeowners, whether they’re our customers or not.

How to pick a sliding glass door replacement company

1. Ask for each sliding glass door replacement company has been in business

With how many businesses exist in Connecticut for sliding glass doors, your company should expect to be in business for 10 years minimum, although now 20 tends to be more of the standard.

2. Check their reputation for yourself: don’t just believe the reviews they placed on their website

In the days of the Yellow Pages, companies could operate for decades with sketchy business practices, and thus BBB was born. But even now there is an entire industry of “reputation management” to make sure companies look good on Google or Facebook.

We recommend looking at reviews on all three of those websites, especially those with photos attached to verify the services were performed. But there are also four others services we recommend viewing before you make a decision, since their criteria for reviews is often harder and thus spam is harder to post:

3. Verify the quality of their work

Do they offer guarantees on labor or products? Can you see photos of their work? What happens if something goes wrong? These are often questions that can be asked directly to a project manager or customer service representative.

4. Find out your options for materials

If you have an idea of what type of windows or doors you want, this step is very important. Does the company have the right materials? If not, can they get them for you? Does the company have any better suggestions than what you’re thinking of, and if so–why is their suggestion better?

5. Make a price map of all the sliding glass door replacement companies

No job is more expensive than one that has to be done twice. If your sliding doors are put in incorrectly, or the materials that were used were cheap, repairs or elevated heating costs can become much more expensive long-term than a job done right the first time–even if the first time it cost a little more.

When getting quotes, discard anyone offering “bottom of the barrel” prices since their quality will also often be the lowest.

For the highest quotes, ask the service providers why that is: what makes their work worth so much? Then, take that information and see if the middle-range quotes can match the high-range promises.

By doing this, you’ll quickly find prices that are high in value, regardless of the initial sticker price, for a long-term investment.

6. Trust your gut

Does something seem off? Do you have a funny feeling?

There are plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of window and door companies. If something feels off, keep shopping until you find a company you’re excited to work with.

If you live in CT and want to get quotes for your own sliding glass door replacement, click here to contact us and get a free custom quote.

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