Plumbing and ceiling repair in Vernon Rockville, CT (customer review)


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We love seeing reviews like this one because after turning around this customer’s bathroom remodel, we were called back for some plumbing help and ceiling repair–so we know we did a great job the first time around!

If you’re looking for plumbing repair in Vernon Rockville, we’re happy to call ourselves your neighbors on this side of the Connecticut River. Normally with plumbing comes a bit of drywall repair (whether that’s for a wall or your ceiling) so here are a few things you can expect when we do a small job like this.

Here are our most-asked questions when clients are looking to compare various plumbing companies:

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Does insurance cover ceiling repair if the cause is plumbing?

Although this depends entirely on your insurance plan, we are happy to work with you (and your insurance company) whenever needed. Call us ASAP so we can help you assess and document the damage (and the reason) to help make your claim. We’re just around the corner in East Hartford and are here to help!

How much does ceiling repair cost?

The cost of ceiling repair because of plumbing varies wildly.

If the plumbing repair needed was only a small issue with no water or mold damage, the repair cost is relatively low with a nationwide average of $320 and $1,300 [source].

However, if mold or water damage are found, serious action needs to be taken as without remediation, mold and water damage can lead to long-term health problems or serious home damage. The faster you act when you find a problem the less extensive the damage is likely to be, but small problems tend to cost $500-5,000 (with large problems costing into tens of thousands). [source]

Can the same company take care of both?

Absolutely! We have both plumbers and carpenters on our team, as well as commercial cleaners, remediation experts, demolition experts, and more. We’d love to fix any problem that you may have found, and be your trusted go-to home team in the future. Our main office is only about 20 minutes away from Vernon Rockville, and most of our experts live in Manchester, Glastonbury, Tolland, or Windsor–so we’re always happy to stop by for anything you might need.

What about mold or water damage in other places?

When we quote a project, we do a full inspection for any other hidden problems. In our business, being a good neighbor is more important than expensive marketing or a quick sale–and we’d rather save you money now by stopping any problem before it starts than make a quick sale. That’s why so many of our CT neighbors have us back for job after job!

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