Environmental remediation companies in CT

Are you looking for environmental remediation companies in CT? Finding a contractor that’s the perfect fit can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never dealt with a remediation project before.

Not only do you have your own budget and preferences, but there are environmental remediation laws and regulations–plus the special needs of each project.

Here are our favorite questions to ask potential environmental remediation companies before you hire them:

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What types of cleaning services are there?

If you’re not sure what types of cleaning services there are, or what the differences are, chances are you won’t be able to find a company who’s services match your needs.

So, since we’ve been cleaning homes, industrial buildings, medical offices, schools, and even museums for over 20 years, we’ve put together a great little guide to help you search for cleaning contractors more efficiently and make sure whoever you hire meets your needs. 

While most professional cleaners say there are two kinds of cleaning services (domestic and commercial) we believe in specialization.

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