Virus office cleaning and disinfection in CT

The Spaces sanitation team has worked for over 20 flu seasons in medical disinfection, school sanitation, and industrial cleaning. Here’s how we can disinfect your office or work space:

  1. No-touch disinfecting of every public area. Don’t trust hallways or bathrooms to a mop-and-bucket that will push around any microorganisms but not kill them.
  2. Full sanitation of offices. We wipe-down every phone, keyboard, tablet, door handle, light switch, and surface that someone might touch to make sure when they come back, nothing is still alive and lurking from the day before.
  3. We provide stations of hand sanitizer, paper towels, and more. Where can you find toilet paper or medical masks in CT? With our team–and we can install stations in your work place as part of a cleaning package.
  4. We distribute myths-and-facts educational literature from the WHO in your office. The panic is causing confusion, such as an AZ man who recently died from drinking fish tank cleaner to “cure” himself of any illness.

Need anything else done? Just let us know. We’re the only company in Connecticut currently providing levels of cleaning service specifically for the flu outbreak following WHO workplace guidelines and we have options for everyone.

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