What to do when your house makes noises

Is your house making strange sounds? With all of the foundation issues involving CT homes in Manchester, Vernon, Rockville, Tolland, and Coventry (just to name a few) when a home is creaking, popping, or making any weird sound it can be stressful–so we wrote a full and comprehensive guide about what different sounds mean and What to do when your house makes noises (no matter what kind of noises!)

Thankfully, we wrote a guide for that.

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WEIRD NOISE: Banging from the vents

PROBLEM: When the furnace sends a wave of hot air through a cold duct, it’s like when a banking sheet pops in the oven while you’re making cookies: it’s the metal changing size. Now take that popping cookie sheet and put it in an echo chamber and you have some pretty huge bangs.

SOLUTION: While you may not be in any real trouble, we suggest you call an HVAC specialist to make sure nothing is really wrong and talk about your acoustic soundproofing solutions.


WEIRD NOISE: Water running when no one is using it

PROBLEM: The water is likely running somewhere in your house.


  1. Check the insides of the toilets to see if any flappers are sticking. A sticky toilet part can normally be solved by a handy homeowner, although of course a plumber can be easily called.
  2. If that’s not the problem, check to see if your sprinkler system, washing machine, washing machine, or water are currently in use. If it’s one of those, lucky you–no problem, just an appliance running.
  3. Not any of those either? Walk around the perimeter of your house, your basement, and your crawl space to look for pools of water. It’s likely a leak that needs to be patched by an expert ASAP if you don’t want water or mold damage to cost you must more long-term.
  4. Can’t find anything? Call an expert.

WEIRD NOISE: Your whole house is creaking or banging.

PROBLEM: In a new house this might just be your house settling into itself and nothing to worry about. In older houses, it may be the wood warping over time.

WHAT TO DO: It may be nothing to worry about, but then again it’s always better to check. Call a home inspector to verify if you need to call carpenters or have your foundation assessed.


WEIRD NOISE: Your AC is vibrating, banging, or squeaking

PROBLEM: It’s very likely an air filer in need of replacing since they clog over time with dirt and dust. If you’re AC is making a high-pitched sound, it’s likely the filter. However, if it’s a clanging or banging sound (or a vibrating sound) something likely came loose, like a fan belt or a bolt.

WHAT TO DO: Call a service professional.


WEIRD NOISE: Your furnace is banging, booming, or popping

PROBLEM: If the burners are not lighting properly, gas is building up in the compression chamber and the delay in ignitions is causing small explosions. The problem will become worse over time and can lead to a dangerous explosion in your house.

WHAT TO DO: Immediately call a service professional. If you have heard the noise for some time, evacuate your house.


WEIRD NOISE: Scratches in your walls or gutters

PROBLEM: Animals can live in your walls causing electrical damage–even if you think it’s just some birds in your gutters.

WHAT TO DO: Call an exterminator for the house, but verify that there aren’t additional problems with pooling water in your gutters or on your ceiling by calling remodeling experts.

WEIRD NOISE: Your lights are buzzing

PROBLEM: It’s likely a loose connection causing sparks, which can lead to an electrical problem.

WHAT TO DO: Whether the problem is old or new, turn off the power to that area of your house using your fuse box (if it’s safe) and immediately call an electrician.


WEIRD NOISE: Your fridge is buzzing or keeps running

PROBLEM: Popping and rattling are normally compressor issues, while a constant humming might mean the temperature is no longer being regulated correctly.

WHAT TO DO: Make sure nothing is blocking the path between the fridge and the freezer inside the unit (which normally happens if you overstocked with food). If nothing is blocking that pathway, call an expert. (For long-term maintenance, however, cleaning your refrigerator’s coils with a vacuum attachment will do the trick.)


WEIRD NOISE: Something is hissing

PROBLEM: Hissing may be the sound of a gas leak which you may also (but not always) smell.

WHAT TO DO: Immediately leave your house without touching any light switches, using anything electric including your telephone or cell phone, and get as far away from your house as possible without starting your call.

Once you are a safe distance, call 911 to report the leak and alert your neighbors.


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