What types of cleaning services are there?

If you’re not sure what types of cleaning services there are, or what the differences are, chances are you won’t be able to find a company who’s services match your needs.

So, since we’ve been cleaning homes, industrial buildings, medical offices, schools, and even museums for over 20 years, we’ve put together a great little guide to help you search for cleaning contractors more efficiently and make sure whoever you hire meets your needs. 

While most professional cleaners say there are two kinds of cleaning services (domestic and commercial) we believe in specialization.

What types of cleaning services are there?

  1. Basic maid services. Surface cleaners who neaten up your home.
  2. Janitorial services. Cleaners who take care of offices, factories, schools, or other large buildings.
  3. Sanitation. Sanitation is not just for medical offices, but with recent epidemics also an important solution for busy offices, police departments, schools, and everyone else. This is distinct from cleaning itself.
  4. Remediation. When you have mold, smoke, fire, or water damage, these cleaners also fix things.
  5. Flooring specialists. Need a one-off carpet shampooing or hardware restoration? This is different than janitorial cleaning or basic maid services, but can be included in those.
  6. Power washing. For external long-term care, this is often overlooked since people often think cleaning is inside only.
  7. HVAC and duct cleaning. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean big problems aren’t lurking inside your building.
  8. Post-construction cleanup.

As you can see, there can be a huge overlap. If you’re a homeowner, maid services don’t address germ-fighting in hard-to-reach places. If you’ve hired cleaners for the inside of your workplace, who’s taking care of your building? And, of course, most business owners are also homeowners and many homeowners are also in charge of businesses or buildings. However, if you want to browse by industry, here’s some more information.

Explore your cleaning options by industry

What kinds of domestic cleaning services are there?

Beyond basic maid services, there are a few other cleaning services homeowners should look into. The first is outdoor cleaning (specifically, power washing) and the second is sanitation (a thing many homeowners presume cleaning companies are already doing).

The importance of outdoor cleaning, especially on siding and in gutters, is that it prevents long-term damage to your house. Power washing (which is more powerful than just what can be done with a hose) not only keeps your paint job looking fresh, but will blast away any microscopic life in the cracks that could cause long-term damage. If you don’t want to call mold remediation experts (arguably another type of cleaner), then power-washing siding, roofs, and cement is a great long-term care. Power washing gutters and roofs will keep them usable for longer to keep home maintenance costs low.

Finally, with the 2020 health emergencies, many homeowners were shocked to find out sanitation and disinfection was not being done by maid services. Click here to learn more about the difference, and why it’s important.

What kinds of industrial cleaning services are there?

Industrial cleaning often looks like janitorial services (carpets vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, garbage taken out), but most companies–including medical companies–were shocked in 2020 to find out that nothing in their office was being sanitized correctly. Sanitation services are distinct from cleaning services, although disinfect can be part of the cleaning process. To keep a factory floor, warehouse, or any large worksite up and running, it’s urgent that companies make sure they are not only getting their spaces tidied by janitorial services, but look into medical cleaning or industrial sanitation.

There are also long-term investments that can be made into your building. Power washing can prevent slip-and-fall lawsuits from algae buildup on floors, or mold-related illness.

And of course, there are specific jobs that need remediation or a one-time clean: post-construction cleanup, environmental remediation, fire or smoke remediation, and more. Janitorial companies aren’t often able to provide this service, so specialists should be brought in.

What kinds of commercial cleaning services are there?

For schools, private practices, small stores, or even museums, you may have special needs.

Janitorial services are a daily essential to keep your space looking fresh for the next day, but sanitation in schools and private medical practices is essential (and often overlooked). Small businesses and museums may have sensitive material that needs to be treated with extra care, or a one-time construction project might need a team of experts. The list can be endless with specialty spaces.

So what types of cleaning services are right for you? Click here to submit your information and get a quote for your space.

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