Where should I look for mold in my home? 5 surprising places.

Mold is a toxic fungus that manifests in damp areas of your home. It is a musty odor that can cause asthma attacks, itchy eyes, coughing, and sneezing in those sensitive to mold. If you notice a musty scent, and you or a family member is afflicted with the above symptoms, mold is in your home.

Here are 5 places you would never suspect mold could be present in your home:

  1. Kitchen sponges
    Before you grab that sponge to wash your dishes, listen up! Billions of bacteria grow on sponges used for longer than 2 weeks. Not only that, these sponges have mold growing by the second! Be sure to replace your kitchen sponges every 2 weeks.
  2. Microwaves
    Microwaves are prime areas for mold growth. They grow in food spills, and can even drip into the food you are preparing. Proper maintenance of your microwave will prevent this from happening. Pour a cup of vinegar in a microwave safe cup and heat for one minute. Wipe down surfaces to remove stains.
  3. Pantry 
    When food expires, mold can grow quickly. Make sure you throw out any food that has expired. Clean up all spills with warm, soapy water and vinegar solution.
  4. Refrigerator drip pans
    This is another popular breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Food, liquid, and moisture is constantly finding its way in these drip pans. When they are not cleaned on a regular basis, mold and bacteria can grow and expand. Be sure to clean your drip pans with equal parts of water and vinegar. Make sure you let your tray dry completely before putting it in place.
  5. Kitchen back splash
    This is a prime spot for mold growth. Because food is being splashed around during meal prep, mold can quickly generate on the tile and grout. Wipe your back splash and grout regularly with cleaning solution.

Who does mold remediation in CT?

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